Integrating digital technologies to Clinical research & trial operations

Founded in July 2020, JNPMEDI has been putting effort on bringing disruption on healthcare industry via integrating digital technologies to clinical research & trial operations. With the launch of Maven CDMS™ and Maven clinical cloud solutions, we are taking steps forward to digitally transform the capabilities of regulatory authority, pharmaceuticals and CROs for better execution, management, monitoring, and audit of clinical trials.

Understand technologies as well as conventional clinical operations

JNPMEDI Inc. is consist of c-suite officers with experiences across the span of management consulting, digital transformation strategy, cutting-edge tech development, clinical operations and pharmaceuticals. We understand technologies as well as conventional clinical operations and delivering high performance to clinical ambiences to ultimately help general people in the globe. We propagate our core capabilities via operating divisions of R&D laboratory, business development, consulting and clinical operation support.

Our Value

Client Value First

Enabling clients to become impactful healthcare firms via delivering consistent values with unrivaled solutions and professional services.

Integrity at all times

Valuing ethics and honesty the most on every decision and take responsibility for our words and actions with remaining impartial regardless of situations.

Socially Responsible

Pursuing obligations to enhance global healthcare environment and have general people benefit from development of technology.