Covid-19 crisis has brought out the non-face-to-face clinical trials and now, it is  becoming an indispensable element of clinical operations. Here are some reasons that DCT (Decentralized Clinical Trials) became an upcoming topic in the industry.

  • Information and Communication Technology enabling decentralization
  • Cost reduction resulted from operational excellence
  • Advanced data system
  • Enhanced subject experience

DCT encourages subject participation by eliminating the space-time limits and provides efficiency to study sites, sponsors and CROs. Furthermore, it is able to reduce burdens of clinical trials through managing and coordinating the clinical data in digital environment.

JNPMEDI’s DCT offering platform visualizes seamless DCT eco system, by providing:

● eRecruitment

Subject Screening, from recruitment to selection of subjects, can be conducted on digitalized system. This can significantly reduce the cost and time spent on the screening by recruiting subjects more suitable for the protocol and reducing subject dropouts.

  • Maven eConsent™
  • Maven Rscreening™

● Rvisit(Remote Visit)

Subjects can proceed through the clinical trial in a digital environment without visiting the site. It reduces not only the cost and time spent on subject’s visit, but also the workload of sites. It helps increase subject participation and improve quality of the study.

  • Maven Rvisit™

● DtP (Direct to Patient)

IMP(Investigational Medicinal Product) can be sent directly to the Subject’s location. A dashboard for real-time inventory management and delivery will be provided to reduce human error occurrence for both subject and study coordinator’s aspects.

Furthermore, by supporting flexible system linkage with DTx(Digital Therapeutics), we provide effective solution for related studies and treatments.

  • Maven RTSM™

● Blockchain Security

Every data stored in Maven Service is managed by patented audit trail technology. This blockchain-based system is known as the most advanced security system, protecting the data from any manipulation or falsification and proving the integrity of the data.

  • Maven Auditor+™