JNPMEDI Appoints Jaehyun Lee as COS, Drawing Expertise from Seoul National University’s College of Dentistry and Kim & Chang Law Firm

18 Sep 2023 · 4 minutes read

The medical data platform company, JNPMEDI, announced on the 18th that they have recruited Director Jaehyun Lee (COS), who specialized in the medical and legal fields, to strengthen JPMEDI’s strategic growth foundation.

Director Lee graduated from Seoul National University’s College of Engineering, obtained a specialized master’s degree from Seoul National University’s School of Dentistry, and another specialized master’s degree from Sungkyunkwan University’s Law School. Following this, he accumulated expertise by pursuing a doctorate in Medical Informatics at Seoul National University.

During his tenure as a lawyer at King & Chang Law Firm, Director Lee also served as a board member of the Korean Bar Association and engaged in external activities, including conducting research as part of the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Artificial Intelligence Legislation and Regulation Task Force.

Leveraging his expertise as both a dentist and a lawyer, Director Lee will lead the CEO Office at JNPMEDI. His role encompasses overseeing legal affairs, compliance, risk management, as well as spearheading business development, investor outreach, and fundraising to identify new growth drivers for the company.

JNPMEDI aims to systematically prepare for the digital transformation of clinical trials, particularly Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT), through this recruitment. They plan to establish strategies for regulatory compliance and long-term growth in the DCT domain. Additionally, they aim to initiate substantial revenue growth by capitalizing on Director Lee’s extensive practical experience in various professional domains and high industrial analytical capabilities, leading to global business expansion and diversified partnerships.

Director Lee expressed his decision to join JNPMEDI, emphasizing the attraction of the company’s globally competitive technological capabilities in digital clinical trials and research solutions, expansive market potential, and exceptional global IT business strengths. He highlighted his commitment to contributing as a digital health specialist to secure JNPMEDI’s growth momentum during this crucial period of transition.


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