JNPMEDI Aims to Lead Industry with Accelerated Clinical Trial Digital Transformation

17 Nov 2023 · 15 minutes read

“JNPMEDI is a company that integrates state-of-the-art ICT into various aspects of clinical trials, including trial design, subject recruitment, selection, registration, trial execution, management, and result reporting. We deliver services that ensure efficacy and safety while enabling significant time and cost savings. Our role as a platform based on medical data is fundamental in this landscape.”

◇ JNPMEDI Secures Digitalization Capability for Clinical Trials

During a meeting with <News1> on the 16th, Director Jaehyun Lee, introduced the digital transformation of clinical trials through a platform for managing clinical trial data applicable to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, digital therapeutics, and digital medical devices.

JNPMEDI has independently developed the ‘Maven Clinical Cloud’ solution, a clinical trial data management platform. In November of last year, it successfully secured an investment of 14 billion KRW through Series A funding.

This Series A round led by Pavilion Capital, a growth investment subsidiary of Temasek, Singapore’s largest sovereign wealth fund, garnered considerable attention. Initial investors such as Kakao Ventures, Murex Partners, AJU IB Investment, and Gentium Partners also participated in subsequent investments.

JNPMEDI applied the ‘Maven DCT Suite,’ a Distributed Clinical Trial (DCT) solution, in the confirmation of WELT’s insomnia therapy, ‘WELT-I.’ This marked the completion of the first DCT-enabled digital therapeutic clinical trial in Korea. Collaborating with JNPMEDI, WELT obtained medical device clearance for WELT-I.

Director Lee remarked, ‘In April of this year, we successfully conducted a digital therapeutic device confirmational trial using the DCT method.’ He further emphasized ongoing efforts to secure diverse success stories, dedicating focus to advancing digitalization in clinical trials within relevant industries and institutions.

JNPMEDI introduced the ‘ Maven eRecruitment’ solution, an online participant recruitment platform, reducing barriers to entry into clinical trials. This resulted in high participation rates among research participants. Clients were able to reduce time and costs by securing diverse participant profiles and shortening recruitment durations.

The company developed solutions like ‘Maven R-Screening’ for assessing participant suitability, ‘Maven eConsent’ for obtaining informed consent, and ‘Maven eCOA’ for collecting efficacy and safety data in clinical trials. Application of these solutions significantly reduced participant visits to medical institutions by over 50% compared to traditional methods. Additionally, dropout rates saw a significant decrease.

JNPMEDI provides a solution through ‘Maven CDMS’ to systematically manage data collected from trial participants and clinical experts. This solution ensures comprehensive preservation of sensitive clinical data, enabling accurate and highly reliable analysis.

Director Lee stated, ‘We have independently developed and operate the “Maven Clinical Cloud,” a one-stop solution that allows selective adoption of necessary functionalities according to the scale and purpose of the clinical trial.’ He emphasized providing optimized solutions across various domains in the field of clinical trials, ranging from data management to pharmacovigilance (PV).

◇ Lee Jae-hyun Joins as COS: Strengthening Solution Supply, Internal Capacity, and Global Expansion

Having a background in the medical and legal fields, Director Lee, who joined JNPMEDI in September as Chief of Staff (COS), brings expertise to oversee corporate growth strategies. A graduate from Seoul National University’s College of Engineering, he holds specialized master’s degrees from Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Dentistry and Sungkyunkwan University’s Law School. Subsequently, pursued a doctorate in Medical Informatics at Seoul National University, further enhancing his expertise.

During his tenure as an attorney at Kim & Chang Law Firm, Director Lee served as a director at the Korea Bar Association. He engaged actively in external activities, conducting research as part of the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) legislative team.

Director Lee oversees legal affairs, compliance, risk management, business development, and spearheads the identification of new growth drivers, such as investor relations and fund-raising initiatives, within JNPMEDI.

He expressed, ‘In a market accelerating the digital transformation of clinical trials represented by DCT, I decided to join JNPMEDI, assessing its substantial competitiveness in future vision and technological prowess.’ He highlighted the potential emergence of new forms of clinical trial industries, encompassing participant online recruitment, remote monitoring, wearable devices, data collection-related industries, drug delivery, and sample transportation, with the expansion of DCT. He further stated, ‘JNPMEDI aims to position itself as a leading company driving these industry changes by exerting its capabilities to the fullest.’

JNPMEDI plans to embark on software development focusing on digital innovation within clinical trials, aiming to reduce time and costs in the short term while realizing patient-centric clinical trials. Its primary objective is to provide a definite number one solution within the domestic clinical industry.

Director Lee stated, ‘Ultimately, we aspire to become a partner in the healthcare industry, offering solutions that are a step ahead in contemplating the application of digital transformations.’ He emphasized providing continuous value through the development of solutions and services with the highest competitiveness, enabling customers to achieve their goals while bringing positive changes to the healthcare environment.

JNPMEDI is pursing two main projects in its new business initiatives.

To meet the demand for overseas clinical trials from JNPMEDI’s clientele, primarily composed of bio-companies and medical device startups, the company is collaborating with various partners in several countries. Recently selected for the Korea Health Industry Development Institute’s Korea-Australia BioHealth Exchange Delegation, JNPMEDI visited Australia.

Director Lee commented, ‘We achieved results beyond expectations through agreements signed with our partner companies during the visit to Australia.’ He anticipates providing swift support to client companies desiring quick trial progression abroad, once the programs are formalized.

JNPMEDI assists client companies seeking entry into specific countries by collaborating with strategic partner companies. The company is actively identifying and selecting these alliance partners.

To enhance solution service sophistication domestically, JNPMEDI is striving to elevate its understanding clinical trials comprehensively and strengthen internal capabilities. Director Lee acknowledged the significant support from the professional network cultivated during his tenure at Kim & Chang, foreseeing this to contribute to JNPMEDI’s structural improvements.

He remarked, ‘Fortunately, progress in investor relations and fundraising initiatives has been favorable, allowing the company to operate within a robust financial plan.’ With a long-term perspective, the company is considering fundraising plans, focusing on securing strategic partners who can contribute value to JNPMEDI, rather than merely providing urgent financial injections for the company’s survival. To achieve this goal, various Investor Relations (IR) activities are being utilized to meet potential partners.’


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